The Science & Bullshit of Lifting (IV) – Recovery (2)

This post continues the exploration of general theories of training relative to the elusive notion of recovery. (About 6.700 words, estimated reading time 31 minutes, dropping to 3.300 and 16 min. if you stick to the main text.)

The Science & Bullshit of Lifting (IV) – Recovery (1)

It may come as a surprise but recovery from exercise is not scientifically well understood. As often, when understanding is poor, there is an overabundance of theory. And, also, bullshit. (Around 3.800 words, estimated reading time 19 min but only 13 min if you skip asides and footnotes.)

The Analytic Fitness™ Dictionary – Energy Systems

This entry of the Analytic Fitness™ Dictionary looks at yet another nugget of physiology often misrepresented in popular exercise science: the human body’s energy systems. (About 3.300 words, estimated reading time: 15-17 minutes.)