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Getting Started With (GSW)

The US Army Combat Fitness Test

The ACFT tests a wide array of physical qualities contributing to performance in non-specific combat tasks, which makes it an equally valid civilian fitness test.


Kettlebells can satisfy everyone’s fitness needs, from couch potatoes to seasoned athletes, and if you find yourself at either extreme of that spectrum, the best approach to getting started with them is actually the same.

The Science and Bullshit of Lifting (SBL)

On Bullshit [Short]

The sense in which I use ‘bullshit’ and ‘bullshitters’ in this series.

The Science and Bullshit of Lifting (I)

Is there a method to tell science from pseudoscience? [TL;DR: No]

The Science and Bullshit of Lifting (II)

Is there a method to identify bullshit? [TL;DR: Yes]

The Science and Bullshit of Lifting (III) – Kettlebells

Will kettlebell lifting turn you into a Soviet Superman? [TL;DR: No.]

The Science and Bullshit of Lifting (IV) -Recovery (1)

A look at single-factor theories of training that introduced the term “recovery” in the theoretical vocabulary of exercise science.

The Science and Bullshit of Lifting (IV) -Recovery (2)

A look at multi-factor theories of training that are (almost) crowding the term “recovery” out of the the theoretical vocabulary of exercise science.

Old School Strength (OSS)

Old School Strength (I) – The Roman Origins

The Greek did not discover progressive overload. The Romans probably did.

Old School Strength (II) – Nemo Metuit Facere Quod Se Bene Didicisse Confidit

No one is afraid to do what he is confident of having learned well.

Old School Strength (III) – Ad Optimam Valetudinem Fingendam

How do the Roman Legions compare to today’s infantry? [TL;DR: Favorably]

Old School Strength (IV) – Crassi Fututores

Is there any merit to the notion that gladiators were vegetarians so that they’d become fat and would be protected from minor wounds? [TL;DR: No. They may not even have been vegetarians.]

Old School Strength (V) – Poscam Bibere, Caseum Edire, Sub Sole Otiari

There are two ways to estimate the caloric expenditure of Roman legionnaires based on their body types and levels of physical activity: the mainstream modern scholarship way, and the right way.

Old School Strength (VI) – Athleta Ex Oblivione

Roman legionnaires should be remembered for the athletes the were. The first step is to understand how they trained and how it affected their body. Between the data and the theory, we’ve got all we need.

Training from Scratch (TFS)

Training From Scratch (I) – Cardio

Is there a good reason to do your cardio? Will it kill your gains? [TL;DR: Yes, and No.]

Training From Scratch (II) – Strength

Is there a good reason to do your strength work? [TL;DR: Yes (but not what you’d think).]

Training From Scratch (Special) – What Muscle Does That Work

Why is everybody making a fuss, and should you too? [TL;DR: For the wrong reasons, and Yes (for the good ones).]

Training From Scratch (III) – Stability (1)

A lot of people seem to agree that the training stability is ‘functional’. But do they agree on what ‘stability’ and ‘functional’ means? [TL;DR: They don’t, because they made that up.]

Training From Scratch (IV) – Stability (2)

People who should know better jumble up stability so you’d be forgiven if you do too. But here’s how not to. [No TL;DR. There isn’t one. You have to read that one.]

Strong Words

Strong Words: An Interview with Laurie MacDougall Sookraj

Laurie MacDougall Sookraj is an amazing strongwoman and a wonderful person.

Strong Words: An Interview with Kikki Berli-Johnsen

if you are into feats of strength, sports longevity, and Norwegian athletes, you’re in it for a treat.