Enjoy free stuff while it lasts!

The “Older” Older Avocado is migrating here and everybody will be able to read all the posts published so far for free. Until I make them exclusive again, of course.

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. I could blame leukemia but I won’t. After all, I’m in full remission at the moment and none of the lingering effects of the chemotherapy can really prevent me from writing anything. And I have many other causes of distraction.

I’m going to make more than a few changes in the near future but here’s the real piece of news for today: I’m getting rid of theolderavocado.wordpress.com and all the dual-posting nonsense. I’ve already migrated all the content to this here website so this is not going to change much content-wise. But it will change quite a lot to how you access the content.

From now on, both Patreon supporters and non-supporters will have access to the very same posts. The difference will be that Patreon-exclusive content will be hidden to non-supporters behind a banner that will look like below.

You may see this banner even though you are already a Patreon supporter. I have no idea whether this is a feature of the plugin or a bug. Either way, clicking on the “BECOME A PATRON” button will link your Patreon account to the blog and grant you access to the exclusive content. This access should last as long as you do not erase the cookies (about that, you should probably check the Privacy Policy page).

Masking the Patreon-exclusive content is not something that I can automatize, at least not with my current level of WordPress mastery. As a result and for a limited time everybody will have access to Patreon-supported posts for free. But the exclusive content is intended to be exclusive, so enjoy it while it lasts.

And that’s really all for today, folks.

Your moving avocado.

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