Getting Started With (II) – Kettlebells

The GSW series presents focused applications of Analytic Fitness™ with a 2.500-word cap (excluding theory and analysis, kept in asides and footnotes, with no set limit) for an estimated reading time under 15 minutes.

Yoga for Lifters (Part II) – Loaded Yoga [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 04/2018. Originally published in 10/2016, it’s not as crappy as Yoga for Lifters (Part I) because I get fewer things wrong, but it’s still far from what it should be. Namely, everything in this article can be derived from biomechanics principles in a much more systematic way. Aside from reinventing the wheel, however, there’s nothing…

Yoga for lifters (Part I) [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 04/2018. Originally published in 09/2016, this post is not that bad considering how many things I got wrong. Still, I stand by the recommendations for exercises  (but the reasons have nothing to do with those I gave back then). Please remember that at that time, I was barely able to walk or wipe my…

Old School Strength (I) – The Roman Origins

Long before barbells, there were stones and tree trunks, but we don’t need to go that far back. Ancient Rome will do. (Around 2.000 words, estimated reading time: about 9-10 min.)