Getting Started With (II) – Kettlebells

The GSW series presents focused applications of Analytic Fitness™ with a 2.500-word cap (excluding theory and analysis, kept in asides and footnotes, with no set limit) for an estimated reading time under 15 minutes.

The “Law of Irradiation”

Reactions to Part III of The Science and Bullshit of Lifting made me realize that there is more to ‘irradiation’ than I initially thought. (About 2.800 words, estimated reading time 12-15 min.)

Meet The Newer Avocado – Part III: Crowdfunding a Crusade

Less than 1.000 words, estimated reading time: about 4-5 min. I am the older and uglier avocado. I guess you got the point by now: I’m a philosopher-turned-cognitive-scientist-with-competitive-kettlebell-sport-ambitions. And by now you know my story too, but hey, it’s been some time so let’s save your long-term memory the trouble. A couple of years ago, when…