Old School Strength (VI) – Athleta Ex Oblivione

We have more than enough information to reconstruct the training and diet of Roman legionnaires and get a pretty good idea of how physically impressive they would have been. (Around 5.600 words, estimated reading time: 28 min, dropping down to about 15 min if you skip the asides).

Old School Strength (IV) – Crassi Fututores

This fourth installment of the Old School Strength series temporarily parts company with legionnaires to spend some quality time with everyone’s favorite jacked-and-tanned badass, the Roman gladiator. (Around 3.200 words, estimated reading time 15-17 min)

Old School Strength (I) – The Roman Origins

Long before barbells, there were stones and tree trunks, but we don’t need to go that far back. Ancient Rome will do. (Around 2.000 words, estimated reading time: about 9-10 min.)