Analytic Fitness™

My Mission Statement [Updated]

Hi folks, I’m the older and uglier avocado.

I train, eat, sleep, and I used to write about it. Then it occurred to me that I there was really nothing special about what I wrote, and I quit doing it for a while. But I still entertained the idea that I could contribute to fitness information in a way nobody else does. I just had to find the right way. Eventually, I found it. Analytic Fitness™ was born.

Analytic Fitness™: the 1-minute version

This Patreon as a crusade against science-based fitness bullshit. And since:

it was from day one a rigorous philosophical effort. And if you wonder how something can be “science-based” and bullshit at the same time you should definitely check the Science and Bullshit of Lifting series, starting here.

Analytic Fitness™ is the label I pinned on this rigorous philosophical effort (I did not trademark the stuff for real, but I may one day). In a nutshell, Analytic Fitness™ applies the methods of analytic philosophy to fitness-related topics to bring you science-based fitness information you won’t find anywhere else.

The vehicle of Analytic Fitness™ is an exclusive, invitation-only blog, The Older Avocado and this Patreon is set up to support posts of 1.500 words or more that takes some digging. That would be about 8-10 minutes of reading time for you but it’s worth a few hours of research for me. Anything shorter or that does not require research, I’ll post on donated time.

What’s in it for you?

With Patreon, you get two things: content you support and rewards for your support. You can have a taste of what you’d support on The Older² Avocado, a publicly accessible blog which publishes excerpts of Patreon-supported posts, as well as some other non-exclusive content, such as interviews, reposts, etc.

Content you support

I publish on a semi-regular basis, with an average of two Patreon-supported posts per month. Sometimes, I take time off for side projects and that’s why support options (and reward tiers) are set ‘per post’ rather than ‘per month’: I would not ask you to support my other endeavors.

Exclusive posts published on The Older Avocado include:

Rewards for your support

All Patreon supporter tiers have immediate access to the invitation-only blog The Older Avocado. Then, depending on the tier, they also get:

  • Access the Analytic Fitness™ Dictionary and Ongoing Series Polls to chose the next entry of the Dictionary, and which series I should prioritize.
  • Discount codes on my Gumroad webshop from 5% to 50% for off-the-shelf ebooks, and up to 100% for personalized programs on higher tiers.
  • Various levels of Analytic Fitness™ Certification, re-certification, etc., with nice digital certificates and even printed stuff on higher tiers.

Anything else?

The Older Avocado is not meant to be a fast-growing enterprise and it will probably never be profitable, but that doesn’t mean that I should not be ambitious. In particular, Patreon lets me set goals for the future and make promises based on these goals. After consultation of my supporters, I set on the following:

  • Video content on YouTube and later on some platform where I can grant exclusive access to my supporters.
  • Physical rewards such as t-shirts, mugs, and other cool stuff that will help spread the good word of Analytic Fitness™.

Of course, since those goals are conditional on making good money having enough supporters, I’ll need your help to spread the good word. But rest assured that I’ll be super-grateful if you do.

Oh, and I’ll say ‘thank you’, too.